True orthodontic emergencies are rare, but we want you to know that we are here for you if something comes up. Most orthodontic issues can be resolved temporarily for a few days until you can visit our Austin orthodontic office.

In addition to the expertise of Dr. Mathue, we have experienced assistants who are well trained, which results in fewer emergencies, more comfortable treatment, and a better overall experience. You will be happy to know that due to the thoroughness of our treatment visits, our patients experience very few emergencies.

After-Hours Care

If an emergency occurs after hours, you can get help 24 hours per day. The doctor on call can be reached through our office telephone number at 512-892-1188. The voicemail will state the number to reach the doctor on call. When calling the number, please leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message as to the nature of the problem, and the on call doctor will respond to your call. 

During office hours, if you are in pain or experience an emergency—such as a wire poke, broken bracket, or trauma—please call us immediately so that we may schedule the best available time for you. We will do everything possible to treat your problem immediately and attend to your needs.



We rarely use headgear, but if you do have an issue with your headgear, then we recommend discontinuing wear until we’re able to take a look at things. Please call the office to schedule an appointment. 

Loose Appliance

If your appliance is loose and poking in any way, we recommend placing some wax or wet cotton in the area for comfort. Then give us a call during regular business hours so that we can examine the appliance and get it fixed.  

Loose Bracket

If the bracket is loose, and has fallen off the wire, then please safe the bracket in an envelope. Then give us a call during regular business hours, and we'll get you on the schedule if it needs to be fixed.  

If the bracket is loose, but still hanging on the wire, then you can place some wax in the area if it's uncomfortable. Then give us a call during regular business hours so that we can get you on the schedule to fix it.

Loose or Poking Wire

If the wire is dislodged or loose, then you can attempt to place the wire back in the bracket using tweezers or a plier. If you're not able to place the wire in the bracket, then you can use some floss to tie it to the bracket. If you're still unable to fix it, then you can clip it with some fingernail clippers as a last resort.  

Regardless, if you're unable to place the wire back in the correct spot, then please give us a call during regular business hours so that we can get you in to see us. 

If you have a poking wire, then we recommend placing some wax or wet cotton in the area until you're able to come in for us to clip it.  


After getting braces on, your teeth may be sore for the next couple of weeks. You'll likely need to stick with softer foods at first until the paint starts to lessen. When the pain is most severe in the first few days, we recommend that you take ibuprofen or whatever you normally use for pain. Additionally, you may develop some small sores on the inside of your cheeks and lips. Eventually, your mouth will get used to the braces and those sores will go away. In the meantime, we recommend rinsing with warm salt water several times a day, and using wax as needed for comfort.


If you experience facial trauma, we recommend going to the emergency room for any severe lacerations or other head trauma. If there are no lacerations or other trauma but you are concerned about a loose or dislodged tooth, then we recommend calling your general dentist.